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 The Glenapp Sheep flock is an integrated closed flock of 1,900 ewes which was historically based around two separate  flocks of Blackface and Mule ewes.

 Recently we have been using performance recorded  Cheviot, Blue Faced Leicester and Easycare Rams on our hill ewes to breed replacements and increase sustainability, performance and profitability however we still utilise terminal sires on the upland ewes to increase lambs weights and performance.

Commercial Flock

  2,400 ewes are bred from the best performance recorded Cheviot, Blue Faced Leicester and  Easycare Tups and crossed to performance recorded Easycare, Cheviot, Suffolk and Blue Faced Leicester Tups to produce replacement females for sale ex Glenapp and for replacements. The male lambs are fattened off grass and forage crops at Glenapp to produce the world renowned Scotch Lamb


The Easycare’s.

300 Foundation ewes were purchased in 2006. Since then through a comprehensive breeding policy and performance recording, utilising the SIL sheep improvement performance recording based in New Zealand we have established a nucleas hill flock of 200 performance recorded females.

This revolutionary breed of wool shedding sheep which requires minimal shepherding and veterinary care and yet offers excellent meat yields and lambing rations. The breed is now well established in Britain and abroad and is proving extremely popular and successful with breeders in today’s farming environment

The Key Features of the Easycare breed are,

Tup lambs from our nucleas flock are all left entire for performance recording purposes with the top 25% being selected as Tups to be overwintered and sold ex farm. Tups are available for sale from the first of August and shearlings come with the Glenapp two year fertility and structural guarantee - see for sale page for what's available.

Select females are also sold ex farm, see our for sale page for any details.