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Our Spring block spring calving cross bred herd of dairy cows was establish in 2010 on a purpose built green field site. The cattle graze the paddocks surrounding the purpose built dairy building which includes a 70 point rotary parlour, collecting yard and stand off pads.
2017 is our eighth year of production and we are delighted at how the cows are responding to their eight years at Glenapp. The herd is made up of 50 Jerseys cows which are cross bred to the New Zealand Fresian, 750 Cross bred cows which are bred to New Zealand Friesian and Crossbred Bulls and 100 British Fresians bred to the New Zealand Jersey Bull. Our aim is to have a herd of crossbred cows which will efficiently and effectively convert our grass meadows into high quality milk.
Calving starts on the 10th of February and cows are dried off on the 15th of December, seasonal help is employed from February to June, so if you are interested why don’t you drop us an email.